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When you're seriously injured on the job, it can be hard to know whether or not you need a lawyer right away. With more than 150 years of experience in protecting injured workers' rights, an Abes Baumann Workers' Compensation lawyer is a great resource to help you navigate your workplace injury. We will answer your questions and offer advice—all at no charge.

In most cases, our clients need an attorney to step in on their behalf only if their claim is denied or their benefits are threatened, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't talk with an attorney right away. Our Pittsburgh Workers' Compensation lawyers will help you find the right doctor, get your medical expenses in order, and provide you with the support you need.

At Abes Baumann, you can consult an attorney and you won't see a bill unless you win, because we only get paid when you win. That's why it makes sense to get in touch with an attorney today if you've been injured at work.

Consult an attorney who puts your priorities first

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Most of the attorneys at Abes Baumann practice Workers' Compensation law. Whatever your legal needs, you will speak with an attorney who understands your legal rights and knows what to do next and when to do it.

One of the great things about working with Abes Baumann is that you don't have to worry about missing deadlines and maneuvering through the Workers' Compensation legal arena. That's what our attorneys do. Talk to an attorney today and you won't see a bill unless you win, because we only get paid when you win.

Are you eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

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Here’s your situation. You got hurt on the job. You’ve heard about Workers’ Compensation. But you don’t know if you qualify, or how to even start figuring it out.

That’s where we come in. The sooner you contact us, the better. We’ve navigated this terrain many times. Our experience allows us to get your claim resolved, as painlessly and quickly as possible. We’ll even contact your doctor on your behalf and find a pharmacy that will deliver to your door. The sooner you contact us, the better service we can provide.

You won’t see a bill unless you win, because we only get paid when you win.

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Workers’ Compensation claim denied?

When your claim has been denied, it can be easy to lose heart and give up. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Abes Baumann is here to help you explore all of your options. If your claim is denied, the next step is to establish your case, gathering evidence to prove your disability. We then file a claim with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

When your claim goes into litigation, there will be a hearing, where a judge will listen to your testimony. Judges may decide your claim based on your attitude toward your recovery and eventual return to the workforce. We’ll help you find a doctor and even get your medical bills in order. At Abes Baumann, we know that your needs are bigger than a claim.

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Can I get a lump sum settlement?

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One of the choices available to an injured worker is to settle for a lump sum. At Abes Baumann, we believe in finding the right solution, not just the easiest. There are times a lump sum settlement makes sense for you. And times when it doesn’t.

Workers’ Compensation claims normally involve medical benefits for the worker. Unfortunately, many companies will want injured workers to give up medical benefits as part of a lump sum resolution. If you have an injury that may require care over the course of years, this might not be the best long-term solution. Whatever the situation, our more than 200 years of combined experience will help us figure out the right solution for you.

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Have you been injured in Pennsylvania, but live out of state?

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You came here to work, and got injured. But you live out of state. Your employer is trying to tell you that you have to file in your home state, but you’re not sure. We’re here to help you sort through the complexities of your case. We’ll determine which state is best for you.

During the tough time following an injury, it’s important that you have clear-headed, independent guidance. Work with an Abes Baumann attorney, and you’ll never feel like you’re in the dark.

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Are your benefits being challenged or changed?

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It can be startling to discover that, after your claim has been accepted, your company is trying to change or stop your benefits. Maybe you’ve been sent to the company doctor for an exam, and you’re wondering why. Perhaps you’ve been contacted by a “Vocational Expert.” If that’s the case, your employer may be trying to change or terminate your benefits.

At Abes Baumann, we understand that, in an ideal world, your company’s priorities and your priorities would be the same. But the truth is that your company wants to save money, your benefits are costing them, and they tend to have a powerful legal team behind them.

We’re here to help. A “Vocational Expert,” hired by the insurance company, will evaluate your situation, trying to show that you are capable of finding other, lighter work, and that you should stop receiving benefits. If this happens, you should contact us immediately to protect yourself.

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Does your case type not fall into one of our categories?

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If you’ve searched through all of our practice areas and haven’t found one that seems to apply to you, give us a call anyway. Maybe you’ve missed the section, or maybe we don’t practice in your needed area. If that’s the case, we know other lawyers who will work as hard for you in their practice areas as we do in ours.

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