Pennsylvania woman faces several charges in car accident

A Pennsylvania woman is facing several criminal charges related to a fatal car accident that occurred in November of last year. The woman will now be required to stand trial and answer to charges of involuntary manslaughter and homicide by vehicle. The car accident killed a 74-year-old man and resulted in serious injuries to another party.

The accused driver will also face reckless endangerment charges and several other driving citations in relation to this crash. Police believe the woman was traveling west when she failed to stop at a red light. She T-boned another vehicle, causing it to flip over onto its side. The impact caused the passenger to be thrown on top of the driver.

Both suffered very serious injuries in the accident, but the 74-year-old passenger passed away 12 days after the crash. The accused driver was traveling with five children all under the age of four in her vehicle at the time of the incident, with only one properly secured in a child safety seat. All of the children and the driver were also transported to the hospital, but there are no reports on whether any of them suffered serious injury.

Both the surviving victim and the deceased man’s family could have additional legal options available to them. While the woman is facing serious charges related to this Pennsylvania car accident, it does not absolve her of civil liability. If negligence is factor in the crash, she could be found liable for the injuries sustained and the other man’s death. Both the victim and the other man’s family could receive a monetary award if lawsuits are filed which could help them pay for medical, funeral or other costs associated with the crash.

Source:, “Woman to stand trial in fatal North Side crash,” Moriah Balingit, Sept. 7, 2012