Workers’ Compensation claim denied?

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When your claim has been denied, it can be easy to lose heart and give up. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Abes Baumann is here to help you explore all of your options. If your claim is denied, the next step is to establish your case, gathering evidence to prove your disability. We then file a claim with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

When your claim goes into litigation, there will be a hearing, where a judge will listen to your testimony. Judges may decide your claim based on your attitude toward your recovery and eventual return to the workforce. We’ll help you find the right doctor, get your medical bills in order and provide you the support you need.

We only get paid when you win, so you don’t have to worry about hourly rates or fees when you talk to us. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We only get paid when you win, so you don't have to worry about hourly rates or fees. That means you'll never see a bill unless you win. Fill out the form below and you'll hear back from us immediately.

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