Fatal accident takes the life of Washington County fireman

A fatal accident took the life of a local firefighter and deputy constable. The tragedy occurred on Route 18 near Sycamore Lane in North Franklin Township in the early morning hours of April 3. The 55-year-old motorcycle rider was heading north when he was hit by a southbound pickup that was passing a garbage truck. The fatal accident is being investigated by Pennsylvania authorities.

The man was pronounced dead at the crash scene. As of now, no charges have been filed against the pickup driver. However, according to the chief of police, charges are pending and will later be announced by the district attorney. The victim, also employed as a machinist, is being remembered as a dedicated officer. The machinist shop where he also worked closed its doors for a day to honor to the victim.

Although criminal charges are pending against the driver for his part in this fatal accident, the man’s family may have the right to file a legal claim against the pickup driver and any other party deemed responsible for the crash. A wrongful death claim may be appropriate. Pennsylvania law recognizes the right of surviving family members to pursue this type of claim when a fatality is caused by the negligent or willful conduct of another.

When Pennsylvania drivers get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they assume a reasonable duty of care for others occupying the road. This seemingly senseless fatal accident may have been prevented. Now, the family is mourning the loss of their loved one. While seeking financial compensation through a wrongful death suit will not bring the victim back, a successful claim may help ensure that negligent parties are held accountable as well as provide needed compensation for expenses and other damages related to the fatal collision.

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh, “Passing Pickup Hits Motorcycle, Killing Driver,” April 3, 2012

Phones linked to over 3,000 car accident deaths in 2010

A cellphone can be one of the most dangerous things for Pittsburgh drivers and pedestrians. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that over 3,000 people lost their lives in 2010 in car accidents that were attributable to cellphone use.

Calling and texting on a phone diverts a driver’s attention from the road and makes it more likely that an accident will occur. Even drivers who are using hands-free devices are shown to be distracted from the task of driving and more likely to cause an accident. Distracted drivers can be held accountable for the damage that they cause by an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney can file a negligence lawsuit against those who cause car accidents while being distracted by their cellphones. Funds from a negligence lawsuit can help pay for the damage arising out of a car accident including medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress, among other things.

Family members who lose loved ones due to distracted drivers also have options. A personal injury attorney can file a wrongful death action against motorists who cause fatal crashes. A wrongful death lawsuit is a type of legal action in which the surviving family members of a deceased car accident victim can sue the driver that caused the accident. Funds from a wrongful death lawsuit can pay for medical and funeral expenses arising out of a fatal accident in addition to compensating family members for the loss of the car accident victim’s love and companionship.

Source: USA Today, “Feds: Phoning, texting killed 3,092 in car crashes last year,” James R. Healey, Dec. 8, 2011


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