Car accident injures 5-year-old boy in Bridgeville

Many Pennsylvania parents would agree that car accident injuries to children are often heart-wrenching, especially when they are caused by the negligence of another party. Recently, a 5-year-old boy was taken to the hospital after being involved in a Pittsburgh area crash on March 27. The car accident occurred at the 500 block of Washington Avenue in Bridgeville.

A woman was crossing the street with the 5-year-old boy when a car struck the boy. He was knocked completely out of his shoes and landed on the hood of the driver’s car. The injured boy was coherent and walking by the time police arrived, but he was transported to St. Clair Hospital for a medical examination.

The driver is expected to receive citations for his part in the crash. Details surrounding the collision are minimal, and the further condition of the boy is unknown. Regardless, when a child is struck by a car due to the actions of a negligent driver, it catches the attention of everyone.

Although it does not appear that the child has life-threatening injuries, there will likely be medical bills and recovery time involved. The family may have the right to file a legal claim if it is evident that the negligence of one or more parties caused or contributed to the boy’s injuries. They may want to pay close attention to the investigation surrounding this accident as they attempt to decipher what legal rights they may have.

While this accident was certainly a close call, it still does not relieve any party that is found negligent. Financial compensation may help the family with any medical costs incurred as well as with pain and suffering related to the car accident. Seeing a child hurt can be a traumatic event. Hopefully, this story will alert other Pennsylvania residents of the care that must be taken when operating a motor vehicle.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Boy, 5, Hit By Car In Bridgeville,” March 27, 2012



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