East Hartford Housing Authority Facing New Lawsuit From Former Director

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The East Hartford Housing Authority is facing a new lawsuit filed by former Executive Director Terrence Madigan.

EAST HARTFORD — Former Housing Authority Executive Director Terrence Madigan has filed a lawsuit against the housing authority and its lawyer seeking compensation for what he says were unfounded claims lodged against him during a 2012 jury trial.

This is the second lawsuit Madigan has open against the housing authority. After he was fired as executive director in 2008, he sued for wrongful termination. A jury found in September 2012 that Madigan had been fired without cause and awarded him a total of $209,257 in damages.

The housing authority appealed the verdict. The appellate court has yet to rule on the matter.

Madigan’s attorney, Leon M. Rosenblatt of West Hartford, said Wednesday that because the jury award was higher than the amount that Madigan had been willing to settle the case for, statutory interest was automatically applied.

With the added interest, which continues to accrue while the case is under appeal, Rosenblatt said the total verdict award now stands at approximately $300,000.

The new lawsuit, which was filed Jan. 17, claims the housing authority and its lawyer Ralph J. Alexander of South Windsor, who testified during the trial to decide the initial lawsuit, “advanced false testimony” and “acted with malicious intent to benefit themselves and harm the plaintiff.”

State law, “allows a person to bring a lawsuit…

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