Freak work accident in Pittsburgh takes life of young man

A freak work accident recently resulted in the death of a Pittsburgh employee. The accident occurred on May 22 in the neighborhood of East Liberty at a construction site inside Matthews Marking Products on Penn Avenue. A 26-year-old man was tragically killed as a result of this work accident.

Initial reports indicated a man was electrocuted inside of the basement of the building. Coworkers desperately performed CPR on the victim prior to the response by EMT. EMTs at the scene also performed CPR and then transported him to the hospital. It is reported that he was in cardiac arrest at the time he was taken for medical treatment. Dozens of witnesses across the street saw the emergency responders treat the man.

Police say that the young man passed away at the hospital as a result of the injuries he sustained during this accident. Witnesses reported hearing scaffolding fall during the time the accident occurred. Police are still investigating what happened to cause this tragedy.

This man’s death appears to have raised many questions. The causes behind this Pittsburgh work accident are as yet unknown but will hopefully come out as the investigation continues to progress. This man’s family is undoubtedly grieving the tragic loss of their loved one, taken away in less than a moment’s notice. Knowing exactly what happened to him could act as solace to his family and ease the senselessness of this loss. Further, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits to cover final expenses and lost income as a result of the devastating incident.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Worker Electrocuted In East Liberty,” May 22, 2012



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