Homestead charter school faces sex assault lawsuit

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Jeffrey Herman — who has filed hundreds of similar lawsuits nationwide against schools, the Archdioceses of Miami and the Boy Scouts of America — announced the lawsuit Thursday.

“We are working with the authorities on this, but we’re not in a place where we can talk about it,” said school spokeswoman Colleen Reynolds.

According to the suit, the victim was pulled out of a school bathroom by one of the accused attackers. She was taken to the locker room where she was forced to perform oral sex on the football player.

Another boy arrived in the locker room. He had keys to the office of the school’s dean of students, which the suit says, the student claimed to have retrieved from the dean himself. The two accused perpetrators took the girl into the dean’s office, where they both sexually assaulted her, the suit alleges.

“Getting the keys to the dean’s office is inappropriate. They shouldn’t have access to private, secure locations like that,” Herman said. “The only reason they would get that, we believe, is because of their status as football players.”

The suit claims the attack happened in April during school hours. The alleged victim eventually told her mother about the incident, and a police investigation has been opened, Herman…

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