Lawsuit: Inflatable sumo wrestling led to brain injury at Miami-Dade charter school

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During a Hialeah Gardens school “Spirit Day,” a teen girl dressed in an inflatable sumo wrestler suit for what was supposed to be a goofy match with a classmate.

But a lawsuit claims the sumo fun went horribly wrong, leaving the teen with severe brain damage after her head repeatedly struck the floor.

The girl, 15-year-old freshman Celaida Lissabet, and her mother late last week sued charter school Mater Academy and Mega Party Events, the company that supplied the inflatable suits, which the lawsuit contends are designed for use in “violent recreational sumo wrestling games.”

Adrian De La Rosa, owner of Mega Party Events, said the girl was outfitted according to instructions from the suit’s manufacturer.

“The suit is fairly safe. We’ve never had an injury like this,” De La Rosa said. “I really hope she is doing OK.”

The Lissabets allege the school and company failed to ensure her helmet fit properly during the event last October. She was later rushed to the hospital after complaining of “blurred vision, dizziness, nausea and headaches,” according to to the negligence lawsuit filed by Davie attorney Lance Rudzinski.


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