Motorcycle accident outside Pittsburgh leaves 1 seriously injured

A motorcycle accident can be a common occurrence on Pennsylvania roads, and sometimes those accidents end in serious injury or even death. Such a crash recently left one man seriously injured. The motorcycle accident occurred in Highland Township and ended with the man being flown to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The initial investigation suggests that a driver was proceeding after waiting at a stop sign. When he proceeded to make a left turn onto the road, he apparently failed to notice the motorcycle rider as he turned. The bike crashed into the man’s vehicle, causing serious injuries to the rider.

The passenger car had one other passenger, both he and the driver were reported to be fine. However, a local report does indicate that the offending driver will be cited for violations.

A Pennsylvania motorcycle accident can occur for any number of reasons. Whether it’s due to a driver who fails to obey traffic signs or even poor weather conditions, an accident is something that cannot always be avoided. However, when someone is negligent in their driving behavior and a person suffers serious injuries or death as a result, victims and their families could have the right to seek legal action against the driver.

In this situation, the rider will likely incur significant medical bills and could potentially suffer lost wages as a result of his injuries. A civil suit could help alleviate some of those costs and help him stay financially afloat during his recovery time until he can get back on his feet to resume normal activities.

Source: GantDaily.com, “Motorcycle Rider Flown with Major Injuries after Highland Township Accident,” Aug. 20, 2012



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