New lawsuit filed in fatal Wedgwood apartment fire

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SAN ANTONIO – A lawsuit was filed Wednesday morning against the Wedgwood Senior Living Apartments in the aftermath of the fatal fire that killed six residents and injured many more.

The suit claims apartment management neglected to take basic fire safety precautions in order to keep tenants safe by failing to install or maintain certain safety measures.

The suit cites a list of issues, including the lack of fire sprinklers inside the 11-story building, failing to install or maintain smoke detectors, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, and failing to adequately notify elderly residents of how to evacuate in the event of a fire.

“There was confusion, yes,” said 87-year-old Tony Escamilla. “This couple that was coming when I opened the door to my apartment, they asked me ‘Where do I go?’”

Escamilla is one of seven Wedgwood residents involved in the suit. They range in age from 59 to 87.

911 callers conveyed to dispatchers their own confusion about how to react during the emergency.

“Should I dress or what? I don’t know what to do,” one woman told a Castle Hills dispatcher.

“There’s so much smoke in the hallway that we can’t go out there,” said another caller. “What should we do?”

Others, some in wheelchairs, asked if they could use the elevator to evacuate.

“It’s fundamentally wrong to take a building that can be used for multiple purposes and use it to house seniors and fail to provide these safety…

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