New Year, New Priority: Your Veterans Benefit Claims


Life is busy, and we often put things on the back burner. However, it’s never too late to refocus and prioritize yourself.

If you or a family member have thought about filing claims for service-connected disabilities – benefits our nation’s veterans are entitled to – now is a great time to reset and start the process. 

Hello, My name is Jim Burn.

I’m a veteran attorney here at Abes Baumann, and I represent veterans Service Connected disabilities, making sure they get the benefits that they are entitled to for their honorable service to our country.

Today we’re standing in Millville Borough, where I live. I’ve lived here since 1972.

I had the honor to serve my borough. I served as mayor of Millville here for 12 years.

To this day, it’s been 30 years now. I am invited by the VFW Post 118, an American Legion, which is right across the street, invited to this doughboy on Memorial Day to say a few words about the sacrifices veterans have made so that we can all live in a blanket of freedom.

Those who served honorably, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice names on this placard and names on placards, and folks who rest eternally now in this nation and across the world.

Being a veteran attorney is not a job. Being a veteran attorney is a calling, a calling brings me here today at the beginning of 2024 to speak with all of
you about your New Year’s resolutions.

By the time we get to this late in January, many folks have forgotten their resolutions that they even made it.

And I’m sure many of you who have served and have talked about your claims or thought about filing claims, perhaps made a resolution to reach out, pick up the phone and speak to somebody who does veterans law about your claim, about about what their next best steps may be.

We are that firm. I am that person. Don’t break that resolution.

Pick up the phone and call us about your veteran claim. There’s no obligation. You have nothing to lose.

I guarantee we will give you some insight that you may not have had before you picked up that phone.

As we get into 2024, you’re probably seeing some articles or some flash news items or advertisements about perhaps some deadlines coming up with respect to PACT ACT and claims, please call us and we can talk about that with you as well.

Make a resolution. Now. Give us a call. We’ll talk through it.

Thank you for your honorable service to our country.


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