Officer’s family files wrongful death suit in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania family has filed a wrongful death suit against the state’s Board of Probation and Parole. They claim the board is responsible for the death of their police officer son. The wrongful death suit alleges that their son’s accused murderer should not have been released from prison.

The man accused of the crime was let out of prison 10 days before their son died. He and another man allegedly shot the officer during a robbery while he was walking home in plain clothes after his work shift ended. Although the officer was able to draw his weapon, he was shot three times and passed away.

The lawsuit claims the accused had failed his required drug test and was supposed to be electronically monitored. It also states he should have been jailed for the violation, just as a judge had ordered. The family’s attorney claims the probation system failed the officer, and the family is now seeking justice. The victim’s mother stated they hope to ensure what happened to their family never happens to another one.

When a person or entity’s negligence is responsible for a Pennsylvania resident’s death, families who are left behind often have legal rights available to them. Although there are no reports the man was charged for the death and no updates on any criminal proceedings involving him, the family could still seek legal action against him for the death of their son. The successful litigation of a wrongful death suit can send a strong message and offer a sense of justice to the people who have been wronged. For this lawsuit, the family alleges the Board of Probation and Parole was negligent in allowing the man suspected of killing their son to go free in what they claim was a violation of a judge’s prior ruling.

Source: Seattlepi.com, “Family of slain Philly officer sues parole board,” JoAnn Loviglio, Nov. 13, 2012



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