Pedestrian accidents: Woman struck by car in Pittsburgh area

Many people enjoy the privilege of driving. In fact, many people rely on it to get to work or run daily errands. Unfortunately, however, not everyone treats this privilege with care. Many car accidents are caused by distracted or negligent driving. Whether it involves talking on a cellphone, texting or even fiddling with the radio, losing focus for one second can result in a serious collision. This may have been the case in a pedestrian accident that occurred within the Pittsburgh metro area recently.

On Friday evening, just after 6:30 p.m., a female pedestrian was struck by a car. Though few details were available in a news report, the incident occurred on Corporate Center Drive near Beaver Grade Road in Moon. The local police were on the scene, and the injured pedestrian was flown to UPMC Mercy Hospital for treatment. There was no immediate word on the woman’s condition, and the investigation is said to be ongoing.

The driver of the vehicle stayed at the accident site and submitted to a blood test at Sewickley Valley Hospital, the results of which were not included in an early news report. Nevertheless, if the driver is found to have driven carelessly in causing the accident, just as any other negligent driver in Pittsburgh, he may face criminal charges and perhaps a personal injury claim.

People who have been injured in a crash know how frightening it can be. Not only is an individual’s health put in danger, but he or she may also incur substantial medical bills. People who have found themselves in this situation should know that filing a personal injury claim may be possible of a driver was negligent and caused a collision. Personal injury claims can help an injured person obtain compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and any pain and suffering associated with the incident.

Source: Patch.com, “Update: Pedestrian Hit on Corporate Center Drive,” Jenna Staul, April 14, 2012



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