Pennsylvania car accident leads to injury, property damage

When a Pennsylvania resident is involved in a car crash, a number of changes are set into motion. The parties must first address any medical issues arising from injuries sustained during the car accident. Then there is property damage to deal with, which can involve lengthy and frustrating interaction with various insurance agencies.

Once that process is complete, many accident victims are so relieved to have survived the crash with relatively minor injuries that they choose to accept their losses and move on. However, this approach is not always in their best interests, for a number of reasons. When an accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, the victim or victims have the right to legal recourse.

In many instances, the cost of medical treatment can be excessive. This can be the case even when the injuries are not life-threatening. Medical costs can affect individuals who are insured but whose coverage does not take care of all of the necessary expenses. In addition, in many cases even minor injuries can lead to a reduction in one’s level of function or chronic pain, which can have detrimental effects on one’s quality of life.

Another factor is the collateral damage brought about by a car accident. In many cases the victim has to take time off from work to address medical needs. There is also property damage to contend with, which can lead to a loss of transportation. When taken all together, the true costs of even a minor accident can lead to financial hardship for the victim.

The best avenue of legal recourse involves filing a personal injury suit against the driver who was responsible for the car accident. Doing so can lead to an award of damages that can help cover the costs of the incident. In many cases, car crashes can lead to long-term medical issues and serious medical debt. Addressing those needs before they become debilitating is the best course of action for Pennsylvania residents.

Source: Perkiomen Valley, PA Patch, “Collegeville Woman Injured in Perkiomen Crash,” Brittany Tressler, March 26, 2013



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