Pennsylvania driver causes serious injuries, admits to DUI

A 35-year-old Pennsylvania man recently pleaded guilty to a DUI. He is also facing an assault charge which he pleaded guilty to as well. He received two different sentences for both the DUI and aggravated assault charge. This drunk driver caused his victim to endure serious injuries and must face his sentencing and whatever else may follow.

The man suffered injuries to his legs due to being confined to his vehicle. The drunk driver seemingly reckless actions caused chaotic events to take place that led to the victim being trapped in the vehicle. DUI, understandably, is unlawful and an obvious danger to the public.

The Pennsylvania resident was required to pay over $2,000 in court costs as well as restitution to the victim in an amount exceeding $900. He was also ordered to submit to home confinement for up to two years, during which time he will be monitored via an electronic device. In a sense, he is lucky the man he injured was not killed or he would likely be facing more extreme consequences.

Even though the man has been convicted in a Pennsylvania criminal courtroom, the victim may still elect to seek compensation for his damages. Proof of the criminal conviction may advance that cause in a civil courtroom. Once liability is established by proof of negligence on the part of the driver, our courts will consider claims for financial damages said to have accrued as a result of the serious injuries sustained. Any separate owner of the vehicle that struck the man may also face civil liability in our state.

Source: kittaningpaper.com, “Kittanning DUI Driver Sentenced to Jail,” April 24, 2013



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