Pennsylvania motor vehicle wrecks lead to fatality

Motor vehicle wrecks are often difficult to comprehend. When it involves a Pennsylvania drunk driver, a motorcycle, and a fatality, however, it seems even worse. Drunk driving is a selfish act that can adversely affect so many lives, whether it results in motor vehicle wrecks or not.

This was never more evident than in the case of two Pennsylvania men, one a drunk driver with multiple DUI convictions and the other a motorcyclist. According to a news report, the motorcyclist was headed north in a direct line when the allegedly drunk driver, in a pickup truck and heading south, made a left turn across the path of the oncoming bike. The motorcyclist slammed into side of the truck. In serious condition, he was transferred to a nearby hospital where he died nearly two days later.

The drunk driver, who was driving that night with a suspended license, had a blood alcohol level much higher than the legal limit allowed in Pennsylvania. When his car was examined by officers on the scene, it was noted several cans of beer were found in the vehicle and sobriety tests he was given were failed. Court records show that, in the past 32 years, the driver had seven arrests and convictions of driving while intoxicated. He is now being held in a local prison and facing charges.

Whether they are just minor motor vehicle wrecks or major ones, as this one, there are always more than the physical injuries sustained. Offenders, victims, and their loved ones suffer emotionally and most likely financially, as well. The family of the victim may want to seek guidance on pursuing a wrongful death claim for monetary damages for the loss of their loved one.

Source: delawareonline.com, “Driver Facing Homicide Charge Was Convicted of DUI 7 Times,” Terri Sanginiti, May 07, 2013



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