Pennsylvania motorcycle accident caused by texting, 1 dead

Motorcycle crashes are often among the most devastating and horrific accidents in Pennsylvania. When there are aggravating circumstances involved, the devastation can be even greater and can lead to serious injury or loss of life. One recent motorcycle accidentdemonstrates just how deadly texting while driving can be, and why drivers should always be aware and share the roadway with the utmost care.

A Pennsylvania woman is facing serious charges in connection with this recent fatal accident. According to reports, the accident happened at the tail end of the first week of May after the woman was texting behind the wheel, causing her to strike a motorcycle from behind. The motorcyclist became pinned and was dragged underneath the woman’s vehicle.

The victim was identified as a 68-year-old man and a former volunteer fire chief, according to reports. The driver of the vehicle that struck the motorcycle has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and homicide by vehicle. Authorities discovered, after securing a search warrant, that there was an active text message on her phone at the time that the collision occurred.

A motorcycle accident like this one is obviously tragic, and may serve as a reminder to Pennsylvania drivers to obey the laws and be smart behind the wheel. In addition to the criminal charges filed against this woman, the family of the man killed may seek additional action against her, such as through personal injury or wrongful death claims. Civil claims such as these can, when successfully litigated, provide the family of a deceased victim with compensation for their expenses and losses. Though there is no compensation for a life, financial support gained through civil claims can help families better manage their grief.

Source: wpxi.com, “Woman charged with texting before fatal crash,” May 20, 2013



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