Pittsburgh motorcycle accident leaves man critically injured

A motorcycle accident in Pittsburgh has left a cyclist critically injured. The crash caused a huge traffic gridlock while authorities attempted to determine exactly what happened. Right now police are not exactly sure who was at fault in this truck vs. motorcycle accident.

Authorities believe the motorcyclist crashed into the truck, but they do not know exactly what happened. The impact of the crash threw the rider off of his bike. He landed in the rear bed of the truck, and was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Police do not believe he was wearing a helmet.

Preliminary reports are unclear on whether the motorcyclist was traveling at a high rate of speed or if the truck turned too quickly in front of the motorcycle, not giving the man enough time to stop. Skid marks were present from the motorcycle. Police plan to take measurements from the marks and determine how fast the bike was traveling.

The families involved in this Pittsburgh crash may have a lengthy wait for the accident report in this case. As authorities take witness statements and evidence from the crash scene, they will be better able to determine exactly what happened and who may have been at fault. The determinations made in the report could help the victim piece together what happened and bolster any claims they or their families may make in a civil court if they decide to pursue legal action against the responsible driver. For now, authorities are still working to put the pieces together in relation to this motorcycle accident. Should you find yourself in a similar motorcycle or truck accident, it may serve you well to look into the options available to you in terms of compensation and legal representation.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Motorcyclist critically injured in west end crash,” Heather Abraham, Sept. 13, 2012



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