Pittsburgh truck accident kills 1, injures several others

Fatal truck accidents can devastate the lives of families who are left behind to mourn a slain loved one. One such fatal truck accident may result in criminal charges against one of the drivers who was involved. The Pittsburgh crash took the life of a 43-year-old woman. Three other people were injured in the truck accident and were transported to a local hospital.

Investigators believe that high speed and passing contributed to the accident, but they did not divulge who would be charged in the crash. Witnesses to the incident claim that a car traveling westbound hit a tractor-trailer. This caused the truck driver to swerve and sent the car that clipped him across the center line of traffic.

The car was t-boned by another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The force of the impact caused it to flip multiple times before coming to a rest on its roof. The tractor-trailer involved also flipped, landing on its side. Witnesses who came to help the victims inside of the car were swift to respond, but the 43-year-old passed away before she could be extricated from the vehicle.

In addition to the wreck, the road condition on that particular stretch of roadway is poor. Markings on the road abruptly end without notifying motorists that the road suddenly changes to only a single lane. Whether this contributed to this particular crash is unclear, but the truck accident has likely changed many lives. Authorities have not divulged who may be facing criminal charges in this Pittsburgh truck accident, but they could face other legal troubles if any of those injured or surviving relatives decide to seek civil action against whoever authorities criminally charge. Pittsburgh residents involved in a similar kind of car accident could look into legal counsel in order to find out their options as they begin to recover from the crash.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Investigation Continues Into Deadly Uptown Crash,” John Shumway, Oct. 30, 2012



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