Professional football players in Pittsburgh other than Steelers entitled to Workers’ Compensation

Many readers will know that the Pittsburgh area has at least three professional football teams besides the Pittsburgh Steelers. The area boasts an Arena league team known as the Pittsburgh Power. It also hosts two women’s professional teams, the Pittsburgh Force and the Pittsburgh Passion. The latter two teams play outdoors whereas the Power plays its home games at the Consol Energy Center.

All the players for these three teams would likely be entitled to workers compensation benefits if they incurred injuries training, practicing or playing games. Many players on these teams probably have jobs other than their employment in football. If these players were injured playing football and were disabled from their other jobs, they would have the right to seek benefits based on the combined income from the two positions. They would be entitled to have both wage loss and medical benefits through the workers compensation coverage provided by the teams.

Occasionally, minor-league franchises attempt to take the position that the players are independent contractors rather than employees. Whether or not someone is a contractor versus employee is a determination made on a case-by-case basis. Abes Baumann has been successful in these types of cases for many years, establishing that a particular injured worker is an employee rather than a contractor.

For many years attorneys and Abes Baumann have represented professional athletes, including NFL players, Major league baseball players, hockey players and soccer players. This is in addition to representing steelworkers, janitors, nurses, nurse’s, aides, and essentially all other vocations. For a free evaluation of your case, please call 1-800-344-3090 or info@abesbaumann.com



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