Protesters file civil rights lawsuit against Pasadena alleging police brutality

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By Lauren Gold, Pasadena Star-News

PASADENA>> A group of protesters that got into a scuffle with police outside a lecture by former Mexican president Vicente Fox has filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against the city and the Police Department.

The complaint alleges that Pasadena police violated the protesters’ right to free speech and assembly, and right to be free from unreasonable use of force. The suit further alleges assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress on protesters by at least 10 police officers during the incident at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in November 2012.

Protester Clarence Smith, 36, of Los Angeles, said he was beaten by the police along with many others around him. Smith said he is a member of the Los Angeles Community Action Network.

“For me it was very traumatic. I have dreams of being beat up by Pasadena police,” Smith said. “And for what? For a peaceful protest? People have to know what these police are doing to the activist community. … I don’t want to be in this city. At least in Los Angeles the police don’t beat you like they do in Pasadena. L.A. is one of the worst units out there but Pasadena P.D. is unreal.”

Attorney James Segall-Gutierrez filed the suit on behalf of 16 people, including two minors. The officers are not specifically named in the lawsuit and Segall-Gutierrez said he is still working to determine their identities.

Segall-Gutierrez filed the complaint in federal…

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