Several fatalities occurred in Pennsylvania car accident

Pennsylvania police are investigating a car accident that killed several people recently. The accident is being reconstructed to determine what exactly happened, but the use of alcohol or drugs has not been ruled out. There was no sign of any intoxicants when the car accident was initially examined, but it is still too early for definitive answers on their use.

An SUV carrying six teenagers veered off of the highway and drove directly into head-on traffic. Initially the teens were traveling on I-79 when the vehicle swerved off of the road and traveled upwards on a grassy median. The vehicle went airborne and then rolled, at which point it struck both a camper and a motorcycle.

The crash killed three of the teens and the motorcyclist. A passenger on the motorcycle was transported to the hospital. The vehicle that the teenagers were in had no apparent mechanical issues prior to the accident, but a trooper has stated it would be thoroughly inspected.

A car accident that occurs as this one did can be almost impossible for other drivers to avoid, especially considering the vehicle rolled down a median directly into traffic. However, drivers have a responsibility to others driving on Pennsylvania roads to ensure they are following all traffic laws. Whether the driver was briefly distracted or there was some type of mechanical issue is unknown right now, the investigation should be able to determine the cause of this tragic crash. The families of these victims could seek out legal counsel to understand their options and how to proceed, should they be interested in some recompense regarding these fatalities.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Police seeking answers in Greene County crash that killed four,” Jonathan D. Silver, Oct. 4, 2012



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