Students bring sexual assault complaint against Columbia University

Today’s post was shared by The Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group and comes from www.msnbc.com

Another Ivy League school is facing a complaint over its response to sexual assault reports. A group of 23 students is filing a series of complaints against Columbia University under Title IX, the Clery Act, and Title II over allegations that the school fails in its duty to protect students who are victims of sexual assault.

The more-than-100-page complaint alleges that perpetrators of sexual assault have been allowed to remain on campus, that survivors are often discouraged from reporting assaults, that some survivors were not treated fairly because of their gender identity, and that individuals who protest against the school’s response face retaliation, among other claims.

In a statement released Thursday by a group calling itself Our Stories CU, the students behind the complaints accused Columbia of being “more willing to silence and punish survivors and their supporters than serial rapists,” and that they took action “to hold the university accountable for its deliberate mishandling of campus sexual violence and mental health,” according to a report on student-run .

News of the complaints comes on the heels of a story about a mishandled rape case at Brown wherein a student suspended for violently raping a classmate is set to return to school despite objections from his victim. While a university representative told Brown’s student paper that the school’s sexual assault policy would be discussed at a community council…

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