Tom Baumann Testifies Before PA Legislature

By: Thomas C. Baumann

Recently, Tom Baumann of Abes Baumann, P.C., was invited by the House Labor Committee of the Pennsylvania Legislature to testify about the historic Protz v WCAB case which Mr. Baumann won before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In the Protz case, Mr. Baumann was successful in having the section of the Workers’ Compensation Act dealing with Impairment Rating Evaluations declared unconstitutional. The Legislature is looking to address the issues caused by the Protz case through a new law. The Legislature may be looking to reinstate the use of Impairment Rating Evaluations. Mr. Baumann was asked to talk about the case and constitutional issues involved with potential legislation.

Three other witnesses testified on the same panel as Mr. Baumann. One was a representative of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, another was a physician licensed in Pennsylvania who had conducted Impairment Rating Evaluations, and the third was a Worker’s Compensation defense attorney. Each testified regarding the use of the AMA guidelines from his professional perspective.

Abes Baumann P.C. remains heavily involved in defending the interests of injured workers in Harrisburg. If anyone has questions about possible changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act, they should speak to an Abes Bauman attorney. If you have a Worker’s Compensation case, and desire a free consultation with an experienced lawyer in this field, please contact our offices.



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