Is this the way to treat employees?

Many readers may know that Arena Football has returned to the Pittsburgh area. The local entry in the Arena Football League is known as the Pittsburgh Power. The franchise is in its second season and recently played its first game. Unfortunately, many of the players who had signed up and practiced for the team did not play in the debut.

Before the season, the players in the League organized into a union. The union has been attempting to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement with the teams and League. Unfortunately, the union has not been successful to date.

At the pre-game meal prior to the inaugural game of the season in Florida, a statement from the team was read to the players, informing them that they were all fired. Some of the players signed new contracts and played in the game. All others were told they had to find their own way back to Pittsburgh. According to one player, personal items were removed from his apartment, which the team had paid for, by the time he returned to Pittsburgh.

Is this really any way to treat employees?



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