First Thing You Do: Call a Lawyer

If I could have one wish, it would be that, whenever someone was hurt at work they would call an attorney immediately. Because, even the simplest case can become complex without warning, and, the longer one goes without a lawyer, the more complex a case can become. People often think that they do not need a lawyer because their case is simple: I broke my leg at work, of course my employer will take care of my bills and time off. Yes a case can be that simple, but that does not mean your employer or their insurance carrier will do the right thing.

With any job, people often ask, what is the best part? No one asks what is the worst part? The worst part of being an attorney is having to break the news to clients that logic and common sense have no place in the law. This was the first lesson I learned when I began practicing, and it comes up in every case, with every client.

Whether it is explaining to a client how an Independent Medical Exam can actually harm the claim. Or that if you can return to work in some capacity, even at drastically reduced wages, you will be limited to 500 weeks of lost wages benefits. Or that, yes you are entitled to indemnity benefits for your lost wages, all the other benefits you earned, like health insurance for your family are gone.

Some attorneys say, “When in doubt call a lawyer.” I wish they would call an attorney doubt or no doubt.



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