Nonresident workers can get Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation for injuries incurred in this state

There has been an influx of workers from out-of-state working in the gas fields of Pennsylvania in the Marcellus shale boom. Many workers are put up in area motels and some are even living in trailers on the sites next to the drilling rigs. Even though these workers may be working for companies based outside of Pennsylvania, if they are injured on the job in Pennsylvania they are eligible for benefits through the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation system. Benefits in Pennsylvania often exceed the benefits from their employers home states such as Oklahoma or Texas.

Certain factors with these types of employees often affect the calculation of the average weekly wage. The average weekly wage is the basis for the compensation rate injured workers receive. Obviously, the more one makes the higher the compensation rate. Many workers in the Marcellus shale industry receive hotel rooms paid for by the employer and per diem payments to be used for food and drink for each day they are on the job. These payments qualify as room and board allowances which under the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation act have to be included in the calculation of the average weekly wage. When these payments are combined with the wages and overtime most drilling company employees work, many of them are entitled to the maximum compensation payable for the year of their injury. For 2012 that amount is $888 per week.

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