Pittsburgh-area hit-and-run accident seriously injures 1

A recent hit-and-run accident in the Pittsburgh area has resulted in serious injuries to one person. The accident occurred early in the morning on Motordrome Road in South Huntingdon Township. It involved a person standing outside their vehicle and another vehicle that drove around a blind curve, culminating in a hit-and-run tragedy.

The 23-year-old victim had apparently stopped his vehicle on Motordrome Road when another vehicle pulled up beside him. A third vehicle coming around a blind curve crashed into one of the vehicles and hit the man standing alongside his car. The accident resulted in serious injuries to the 23-year-old West Newton man.

He was airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital to be treated for injuries characterized by authorities as “major.” Though details are lacking, police say one of the two drivers fled the scene of the car accident, though it was not clear which individual. It is also not clear why the victim had stopped in the roadway. Further, it was unknown why the second vehicle had pulled alongside the victim prior to the hit-and-run accident.

It may be difficult to piece together exactly what occurred in this hit-and-run incident. Whether negligence was involved, and by whom, may have to await the findings contained in the official accident report once it is published. Once police find the individual who apparently fled the scene, they may gain further information helpful to their investigation. Those involved in this incident will want to follow the progress as they assess their rights and responsibilities under Pennsylvania law.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “State Police Investigate South Huntingdon Hit & Run Crash,” July 1, 2012



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