Pennsylvania car accident leaves 2 dead, 3 injured

When a family member is killed in a car crash, those left behind are thrown into a turbulent and incredibly stressful situation. Pennsylvania families in which a loved one is gravely ill have the opportunity to plan for the final days, and can prepare themselves both mentally and financially. When a loved one leaves for work or to run errands and is killed in a car accident, no one is prepared, and chaos often ensues.

This is likely the current scenario facing at least two families in the aftermath of a terrible car accident that took place in central Pennsylvania. The crash occurred at the onset of afternoon rush hour traffic on Route 220. Early reports indicate that a vehicle crossed the center line and crashed into a van. There is no indication of how or why the driver failed to maintain her lane.

The drivers of both vehicles were killed due to the force of the collision. Both were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. In addition, three children were injured in the accident and transported to a local hospital for treatment. Their ages are 4, 8 and 13. Their current condition is unknown as of the time of this report.

At the instant that this car accident took place, two families were thrust into the process of weathering the effects of the incident. Both will now have to handle funeral arrangements and the restructuring of familial responsibilities, especially if both victims were parents. The children harmed in the crash will also need care, and are likely traumatized by the crash and its effects on their families. Once the Pennsylvania police are able to determine which party was at fault, a wrongful death as well as personal injury suits could be brought against the estate of the party deemed responsible.

Source: wjactv.com, “Head-on crash in central Pa. kills 2, hurts 3 kids,” Jan. 16, 2013



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