Victims may seek compensation behind Toyota recall

When an individual is killed due to a product that malfunctions or fails to meet appropriate safety standards, the loved ones who are left behind have a right to pursue justice in the matter. This can take the form of participation in a criminal trial against the responsible party, or can come in the form of a civil suit filed against the company who manufactured the product. An effort to seek compensation for losses is often more than a wish for financial gain; it can be a means for a Pennsylvania family to feel that change is being made in the industry in question.

The recent recall by Toyota Motor Corp may provide a good example. The automobile manufacturer is expected to recall as many as 1.3 million cars, including 752,000 vehicles within the United States. At issue is evidence that airbags within the vehicles could deploy unexpectedly. This is the third recall issued by Toyota since Oct. 2012.

Reports indicate that an IC chip that controls airbag deployment could malfunction when presented with electrical interference from other parts of the vehicle. There have been at least 18 cases in which the problem has brought about minor injuries associated with the issue. When the vehicles are brought back to the manufacturer, a repair will be conducted that will add a signal filter to the electronic system, thus solving the interference issue.

It is hoped that news of the recall will reach all owners of Toyota Corolla and Corolla Matrix cars. In many cases, a sufficiently communicated recall can avoid serious injury or death associated with a known vehicle flaw. Should the malfunction behind this recall lead to a fatal accident in Pennsylvania, the family members left behind will retain the right to seek compensation from Toyota for losses sustained as a result of the faulty product.

Source: New York Daily News, “Toyota recalling 1.3 million cars for airbag problems,” Jan. 31, 2013



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