Pennsylvania man falls to his death in work accident

OSHA has stepped in to investigate the death of a Pennsylvania man who died in a work accident. The details surrounding the work accident are sketchy, but it is believed two men were working inside of a water tower when the victim’s equipment suffered a malfunction. He fell an unidentified number of feet inside the empty water tower.

His death was caused by multiple injuries but has been ruled an accident. Another coworker was stranded about 60 feet in the air by his safety harness and was rescued by a local firefighter. He was transported to the hospital but was not admitted for treatment. The deceased worker had been employed by the company for 14 years.

The company has been the subject of OSHA investigations three times before this accident, two of which were routine. One of the investigations found ‘scaffold fall protection violations.’ They were also subjected to over $12,000 in fines after they were investigated for a workplace fatality in another city. The most recent fatality is believed to be an accident, but officials would not elaborate on that belief.

When a Pennsylvania work accident occurs that leads to a fatality, the victim’s surviving family members may be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits. The last thing family members may be thinking about are medical expenses or other financial troubles relating to the accident, but workers’ compensation is intended to cover funeral expenses and other costs related to the tragedy. The loss of a major source of income can be a devastating blow to families, but there may be benefits available to them to recoup some of that lost income through the benefits provided.

Source: Philly.com, “Worker who fell to his death remembered as kind soul,” Aubrey Whelan, Dec. 6, 2012



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