Pennsylvania motorcycle accident results in man’s death

A Pennsylvania motorcycle accident has resulted in a man’s death. The crash happened when his bike crashed into another car. A reconstruction team has been sent in to investigate the motorcycle accident and try to determine fault.

The man was riding his motorcycle when a Jeep that was traveling in the oncoming lane made a left hand turn. The biker was unable to avoid a collision, and his bike struck the front passenger side of the man’s Jeep. The impact of the crash caused the rider to be thrown off of his motorcycle.

The rider died at the scene of the accident. The accident reconstruction team is currently in the process of investigating the crash in an effort to determine what exactly happened and if negligence was involved. Once the investigation is completed, it will likely be able to answer many of the questions the rider’s family will undoubtedly have.

When a loved one is involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, it can leave more questions than answers, but hopefully soon family will be able to have their questions answered so they can figure out what comes next. When negligence is involved in such a crash, it often opens up legal questions and the possibility of Pennsylvania civil litigation. Right now, the Jeep driver is facing no criminal charges. If evidence points to negligence on his part, any claims made by the family in a wrongful death case could be bolstered. There is no indication of pending charges or litigation, but that could change once the family has time to come to terms with what occurred and assess their legal rights under our state laws, if they choose to do so.

Source: Post-Gazette.com, “Motorcyclist killed in South Huntingdon crash,” Dec. 22, 2012



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