Pennsylvania taxi driver may face hit and run charge

An accident recently occurred involving a taxi and a pedestrian. The driver of the taxi allegedly struck a pedestrian and kept on going. Pennsylvania authorities have not yet charged the man, however, they have brought him in as a person of interest. He may soon face a hit and run charge.

Authorities responded to the scene of an accident in West Philadelphia. Reportedly, video footage shows the taxi driver striking the female pedestrian, dragging her and then taking off. When the woman was discovered, she was laying in the street unconscious. She was transported to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. She suffered broken bones and severe head injuries.

At last report, she was still hospitalized in critical condition. Authorities have brought in the driver of the taxi for questioning. Police have not charged the man and have not indicated if they will be charging him in regard to this accident. No witnesses have been reported. The crash is still being investigated.

Depending on the outcome of this continuing investigation, the taxi driver may have to answer to criminal charges if authorities decide to arrest him for hit and run. In addition to possible pending criminal charges, he may have to face civil litigation as well. The pedestrian may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit in relation to the injuries suffered from the accident. She may be able to recoup financial compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering if the court system in Pennsylvania deems the taxi driver the responsible party.

Source: nbcphiladelphia.com, Taxi Strikes, Drags Woman Then Drives Off, Danielle Johnson, Dan Stamm and David Chang, Aug. 26, 2013



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