Suspended license may be to blame in Pennsylvania car accident

A 48-year-old male driver on a suspended license is said to be the cause of a recent car accident. The Pennsylvania man allegedly crashed into another vehicle from the back, causing it to spin out of control. After the accident, the man left the scene. He has been charged with driving on a suspended license and accidents involving death or personal injury, among his other charges.

According to police, the accident occurred at an intersection when the man was traveling a little before 8:00 in the evening. For an unknown reason, he struck a car that was in front of him. The impact sent the car off the road and into a pole. The man allegedly did not have car insurance and was operating on a suspended license. He left the scene and went home.

The occupant and the driver of the other vehicle sustained injuries that included back and neck pain. Law enforcement caught up to the man after his girlfriend contacted police to report the incident. The girlfriend claimed that the man informed her that he was involved in an accident, but did not stay at the scene. She also gave authorities the location of his residence.

A car accident can be an unpleasant experience for most victims. The victims in this case may be entitled to file personal injury claims against the driver to recover financial compensation for lost wages and medical costs. The victims may also experience pain and suffering as a result of their injuries. The civil court system in Pennsylvania typically adjudicates these types of claims and awards monetary damages if evidence deems the driver responsible for the injuries.

Source: lehighvalleylive.com, “Bethlehem Township, Pa., man driving with suspended license causes accident in Lower Nazareth Township, police say,” Sarah Peters, Aug. 8, 2013



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