Pennsylvania truck accident with freight train

Train accidents are rare in Pennsylvania and across the country. However, when a driver has a collision with a train, there are typically more adverse effects than the traditional car accident. Recently, a truck accident occurred with a freight train in Pennsylvania.

Authorities indicate that a 49-year-old man was traveling on the road in his work vehicle and had a collision with a freight train in the town of Antrim Township. The man sustained injuries to his head; however, it is unknown how severe his head injuries were. The roadway was shut down for a few hours while state police attempted to find out the details on the incident.

It is unclear exactly what caused the accident between the truck and the freight train. Pennsylvania police are still investigating, and the company that owns the train tracks is handling their own internal investigation as well. Depending on the outcome of both investigations, the truck driver may be entitled to a personal injury lawsuit against the train company.

A truck accident, as with any other motor vehicle accident, can hurt someone’s finances as well as mentally and physically drain a person. Financially speaking, truck accident victims may not be able to work and could sustain lost wages from employment, as well as encounter rising medical costs. Victims may also experience pain and suffering caused by injuries from the accident and decide to file a personal injury claim in court. The civil court system in Pennsylvania commonly resolves these types of lawsuits based upon evidence that the injuries sustained were caused by the negligence of another driver.

Source: herald-mail.com, “Man suffers head injuries when train, truck collide in Antrim Township, Pa.,” Jennifer Fitch, July 8, 2013



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