Workplace injury risk at Pennsylvania hospital, OSHA steps in

Workplace accidents are unfortunate for the people who suffer from them, and often their families as well. In some work environments, employees are taking physical risks just by coming to work. It is important that employers accommodate a safe workplace to protect the workers as much as possible. When the cause of a Pennsylvania workplace injury is a result of the employer’s negligence, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may be helpful for employees looking to recoup compensation.

A Pennsylvania hospital is facing significant fines after complaints of workers being physically attacked by mentally ill patients. OSHA stepped in to ensure ineffective procedures and programs did not compromise the future safety of the workers. OSHA has reportedly stated that the hospital did not properly introduce these measures in order to protect employees from harm due to the patients.

The specific details of the individual incidents have not been released. The hospital has challenged the claims made by OSHA and has stated that safeguards are already in place. However, the hospital has also stated that their mental health unit is not a forensic psychiatry unit, which has more of a necessity to have extra safety protocols.

A workplace injury can cause a significant amount of financial loss due to missed time from work and medical costs. In regards to this case, more awareness of employee safety will likely increase since OSHA has stepped in. If any of the employees were injured in an assault by a patient, he or she may decide to file workers’ compensation claims against the Pennsylvania hospital. The presence of an OSHA investigation may mean fewer obstacles in proving that safety measures were not adequate. Workers’ compensation claims can be complex, but they are not impossible with the right help.

Source: dailyjournal.com, “OSHA wants to fine western Pa. hospital $8,000, claiming workers at-risk for patient assaults,” July 16, 2013



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