Sex harass at Lenox Hill ER: lawsuit

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Shawn Inglima The suit names North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, which includes Lenox Hill, as a defendant.

Two staffers say there was a sexual harassment emergency — in the Lenox Hill Hospital emergency room.

Eliana Misas and Rhonda McIntosh charge in papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court that a boss made gross comments to them on the job and made their lives hell after they blew the whistle.

The harassment began in July 2012 when the registrars’ boss, Julio Cardoza, allegedly showed the pair pornographic images on a separate supervisor’s computer.

Once the staffers filed a complaint about the porn leading to the supervisor’s termination, Cardoza began his own campaign of harassment, court documents charge.

Cardoza sent McIntosh, 45, lewd messages about her needing a “spanking” according to documents.

Once, when McIntosh wrote Cardoza that she was under the weather and wouldn’t be able to come into work, he replied “You need a Spanish/Italian sausage all the way,” court papers charge.

“What they did is disgraceful,” said Richard Roth, referring to both bosses.

“And what’s more upsetting…is that they prolonged it. They continued to retaliate against these women.”

Both staffers were subjected to unfair reviews, denied extra hours and assigned…

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