Vegan mayonnaise maker sued by food giant Unilever

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Big Tobacco, Big Oil, now Big Mayo?

That’s what Josh Tetrick, founder and chief executive of Hampton Creek in San Francisco, feels like he’s facing in a lawsuit filed against his vegan start-up by multinational food giant Unilever.

Nov. 10, 1:15 p.m.: An earlier version of this post misspelled Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick’s last name as Petrick.

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Asian citrus psyllid proposal worries organic farmers

The $67.4-billion company says Tetrick’s firm is engaging in false advertising by describing its Just Mayo sandwich spread as mayonnaise, even though it contains no eggs.

“Big Mayo strikes,” said Tetrick, who believes his company is absolved of false advertising claims because his spread uses the colloquialism “mayo” and not “mayonnaise.” U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines for mayonnaise contain egg yolk.

Tetrick said Hampton Creek plans to file a countersuit in the coming weeks that would likely focus on Unilever’s sustainability practices.

Unilever is seeking compensation for lost profits and damages and demanding that Hampton Creek refrain from declaring Just Mayo superior in taste to Unilever’s Best Foods and Hellman’s brands of mayonnaise.

“We brought this lawsuit because use of the Just Mayo name blatantly misleads consumers,” a Unilever spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement.  “In fact, the product is Just NOT Mayo as it does…

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