Nurse Case Managers, aka Nurse Ratched

By: James R. Burn, Jr.

Often times when an injured worker’s compensation claim is accepted on a permanent or temporary basis, they are lead to believe by the insurance company that a “friendly nurse” will be assigned to the case to help them through their injury and the difficult times that lie ahead.

This nurse was once referred to in a movie as “Nurse Ratched.”

Nurse Ratched is not your friend. Nurse Ratched is there to get you back to work as soon as possible. Nurse Ratched is paid by the insurance company, not by you. Nurse Ratched will attempt to go to your doctor visits and once you leave, will attempt to strong arm your doctor into giving an opinion that may not necessarily be accurate or consistent with your real diagnosis. Nurse Ratched will come to your house and spend time with you, asking how you are doing, smiling the whole time.

Nurse Ratched is a hired gun from an entity that does not want to pay you a dime. Nurse Ratched is a minion of the insurance carrier that does not have your best interests in mind at any point during her assignment to your case.

If your claim has been accepted on a permanent or temporary basis and Nurse Ratched has attempted to or entered your life, please call us.



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